Just like all families, we have the full range of characters.

The poor guy lives with four girls -- and he didn't even have a sister growing up to prepare him for this life of pink dresses and dolls.  Dave runs our family business and races cars in his spare time.  He has a dirt modified in the garage just waiting to hit the dirt tracks!
Born in 1996, Katelyn loves anything to do with fashion.  You can often find her on her computer designing clothes or chatting with her friends.  She also loves volleyball and is a great server!

Life hasn't been quiet since Brooke came along in 2003.  She is sweet, creative and marches to her own drummer.  Brooke likes NASA and the Space Shuttle and in her words, plans on becoming an astronaut -- after she's done being a mommy and a queen.

Morgan came into this world in 2005.  She is outgoing and silly.  She'll talk to anyone and if you don't cut her off, she won't stop talking!

The only other "male" in the house, Bud came to us as a puppy in 2004.  He puts up with a lot from the kids but always remains cheerful.  He is a fun and loyal member of the family.

AKA "Princess Kitty Mittens."  Brooke asked for a kitten for her 6th birthday and we found Crystal.  She is a white Himalayan with blue eyes and is just beautiful -- and she knows it.  She gets along great with the dog and is very sweet and laid back.

I try my best to keep everyone around here happy and healthy and as hectic as life sometimes gets, I wouldn't have it any other way!
My Family